What is Wellbeing? Wellbeing has many dimensions but it is important to know that it does not mean that we do not experience stress or negative emotions in our lives. We all experience vulnerability and need help as we navigate through our life’s journey. Wellbeing is made up of many connected features which include being active, responsible, connected, resilient, appreciated, respected and aware. There are things in our lives that we can control, challenge and change in order to aid a smooth transition during difficult times, and there are things that are totally out of our control. When we experience stress and anxiety because of situations out of our control, how we can manage it is to change how we let it affect us. By stopping, giving yourself time and trying to and make sense of it. Think what can I do, what do I have control of and what can help me? That might be asking someone you trust for help, thinking of a time where you overcame a similar situation and use that resilience to overcome the new situation. What is he the worst case scenario? More often than not, it is not as bad as it first seems. Believe in yourself and your ability to challenge difficult situations.