Anti Bullying Week 

Presentation Secondary School, Listowel introduces The Helping Hands Programme

This week Year Heads and teachers on the Student Support team in Presentation Secondary, Listowel engaged in professional development on the Helping Hands Anti Bullying Programme. 

Our goal is:

To ensure the well-being of all our students and make Presentation Secondary School, Listowel an inclusive and psychologically safe place for everyone.

We greatly appreciate the work of Dr Maria Garvey and her team for developing the Helping Hands programme and sharing their professional expertise with us.

 By using the Helping Hands Programme, we aim to:

  • Develop classroom teams that are welcoming to all
  • Build support networks around vulnerable students
  • Create conditions that make it safe for students to tell
  • Help empower students who are victimised

Helping Hands is an award winning programme.

  • It has been developed through rigorous research and is based on international best practice and leading thinking.
  • It provides cutting edge knowledge, skills and an easy to use diagnostic tool to help teachers access relationship dynamics hidden in the peer group
  • Vulnerable students can be identified before problems escalate or complaints are made. This allows measures to assist them to be put in place
  • The programme combines online professional development with access to the software instrument for school leaders and teachers
  • This new approach means that vulnerable students can be identified before problems escalate or complaints are made, permitting appropriate supports to be put in place
  • The focus is on empowerment of the victims and keeping them psychologically safe
  • Recognising that resolving bullying is a process and not an event, teachers are equipped with knowledge and skills to identify targeted students and support them through the process of empowerment

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