Presentation Secondary School

Student Council

The aim of the Student Representative Council is to encourage participation, responsibility and loyalty among students. It provides a voice for students within the school and assists management and staff. It supports school values and deals with issues relating the school. Elections for the Student Representative Council take place in September and one student from each class.

(two for each first year class) are elected to represent their classes on the Council.

The Student

Representative Council for 2021 – 2022

Head Girl Ava Stack and Deputy Head Girl Áibhín O’Neill along with Student Council Coordinators Ms Jenni Molyneaux and Ms Anne Brosnan collaborate and organise various theme weeks such as:

Mental Health Awareness Week

Healthy Eating Week

Various Subject Weeks

The Student Representative Council liaise with the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl who would work closely.  The Council attend the annual Mental Health Awareness Council in October and also represent the school on any occasion associated with the school.

Meetings are held fortnightly in which important matters are discussed.