Personal, Social & Education

Guidance and Care


The Guidance & Counselling service in the school provides for the personal, social, educational and vocational development and needs of all the students. The guidance & counselling process aims to help students to grow in self knowledge and self-esteem by assisting them to:

Understand their emotions, abilities, interests and special aptitudes.

Acquire information about educational and career opportunities within a changing society

To make and carry out appropriate life choices and plans

Ms O’Dwyer our Guidance teacher meets with senior students in Guidance classes and makes individual appointments with students. Ms O’Dwyer can be contacted at

Pastoral Care

Each first year/second year and third year has a special pastoral care teacher.

This teacher has a weekly pastoral care class with the students. Students are provided with social personal and health education as well as individual support.  Teachers work in this area under direction and undergo special training.

Learning Support

In consultation with parents, small group tuition is offered to junior students who have learning difficulties in English or Mathematics.  If your daughter is already receiving Learning Support in Primary School and has been assessed, please make sure that her principal forwards all necessary documentation to this school as soon as possible.  Help for students with special needs is given in accordance with department of education and science guidelines and funding.

Reach +

Career and College Preparation Programme. Read more by clicking below.

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