Transition from Junior to Senior

Transition Year
Transition Year is optional but strongly recommended for pupils. This one year programme provides a bridge to enable students make the transition from the Junior Cycle to the Senior Cycle.
The purpose of the year is to promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of the students and to prepare them for their role as independent, participative and responsible members of society.
Research has shown that students who do this special year score higher points in their first sitting of the Leaving Certificate than students who actually repeat the Leaving Certificate.

Modules for Transition Year Include:

Art, Career Guidance, Computers, DCG – Design Communication & Graphics, Drama, English, Enterprise Education, Environment & Social Studies, French, German, Home Economics, Irish, Mathematics, Music, PE, Religion & Science Other Modules include Chinese, Sign Language, Swimming, Surfing, Meditation, Taekwondo, Media, Photography.

Transition Groups