Emptying of Lockers and the Return of School Book Rental Books

All students must wear a mask on the day

All books to be returned must be placed in a plastic bag with the student’s name and class from last year clearly visible on the bag. The bags of books will be stored in the Hall. 

The following schedule will operate:

Monday 17th August

10am – 12 noon      Incoming TY and 5th Year students 2020-2021

2pm – 3.30pm         Incoming 2nd Years  Please return only the books that you will not need


Tuesday 18th August 

10am – 12 noon       Incoming 3rd Years    (Students doing Higher Level Maths, please return the Maths book you have)

2pm – 3.30pm         Incoming Sixth Years

Wednesday 19th August      Emptying of Lockers

10am – 12 noon      Students in 6th year 2019-2020

Incoming 1st Years will be given their books on the 1st September.