On Tuesday, 9th of January, our Student Council travelled to Cork city to visit the offices of Cork City Council on the invitation of Cork’s Lord Mayor, Cllr. Kieran McCarthy. A huge welcome met our students as Lord Mayor McCarthy, himself a Geographer and Local Historian gave the students a tour of the Council Chamber and Lord Mayor’s office. He impressed on our council the importance of representation in public office, shared his extensive knowledge of local governance and city planning and sought to encourage our diligent Student Council on the importance of their continued commitment to their school community and therefore their hometown of Listowel.
The visit served as a reminder to our Student Council of the role that their council may play in their own development as young leaders in their school and community. Many thanks to the Lord Mayor Cllr. Kieran McCarthy and his team in Cork City Council for making our students feel so welcome and encouraging them in their endeavours.