Board of Management

Board of Management

Four members are nominated by the Trustees (owners) of the school. Two are parents of pupils currently in the school. They are elected by the other parents at a Parents’ Association AGM. Two teachers are elected by their fellow teachers to the Board.
The Board facilitates the school community in realising and maintaining its values. The Board is responsible for providing adequate buildings, facilities, and overseeing the financial workings of the school.
The Principal of the school acts as the Secretary to the Board of Management. The Board meets every month The Board of Management is responsible for the running of the school on behalf of the trustees.. If anybody would like any further information about the Board of Management, Eileen Kennelly as the Secretary to the Board, would be delighted to assist in any way that she possibly can.

Trustee Nominees:

Mr Shay Downes (Chairperson)
Sr Mary McMahon
Ms Mary Frances Behan
Mr Ed Hayes
Teacher Nominees:
Ms Lisa Whelan
Mr Gerard Tarrant
Parent Nominees:
Ms Dorothy Stack
Ms Deirdre O’Neill
Secretary to the board:
Eileen Kennelly
All Correspondence to the Board must be addressed to the Secretary

Parents’ Association

The Association works in conjunction with the management and staff to provide the best educational opportunities for the student. Meetings are held during the school year.
The Representatives of the Parents’ Association meet with the Board of Management in May each year.

Agreed Agenda

Below is the Agreed Agenda from a meeting held with Chairperson of the Board of Management, Principal of Presentation Secondary School and Parents Association Executive.

Agreed Agenda 25th January 2017


If you require any further information please contact the Board of Management Secretary Ms Eileen Kennelly.

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